Changing IT Provider doesn’t have to be scary…

An entrenched IT provider not really up to the job is an operational risk. Changing the IT provider to get better service might look like a risk too. If you have ever thought about doing this, you might suffer from some of these:

Fear – what if they (current IT) take it badly?
Anxiety – I don’t know what pitfalls there might be: what if something goes wrong?
Uncertainty – it would be so hard to change, its not worth the effort.
Guilt – the IT guys have been with us a long time, what if losing us sends them broke?

We have often seen these reactions when a company is thinking of changing IT provider. The fear of the change can be great enough to halt the rational assessment and leave the company stuck with unsatisfactory IT service.

How FooForce Manages Transition

If you are thinking of changing IT Partner, the process will be painless as long as there is a bit of forward planning. This is how we do it:

Plan ahead: we review the systems and the business and satisfy ourselves – and you – that we know the business and know the systems. We identify key risks and work with you to put in place methods for dealing with those. This might include:

–  Consulting with vendors to ensure we know all that is needed about your applications and systems

–  Auditing to gather all needed information about the systems so that a smooth handover can be done

–  Consultation with the former IT provider (most organisations are professional and are not looking to damage their reputation by being obstructive)

Bottom Line: We’ve never had a situation where changing to FooForce caused business delays or other problems.