Our work

FooForce has been partnering with Australian businesses to deliver excellent IT services, security and support since 2002.
Today we are a leading Australian Managed Service and Security Provider with clients across Australia, Asia, UK, Europe and the United States.

The name

We choose Foo because of its dual significance in culture and programming.
In computer programming, variables are used to represent an “unspecified” entity.
Foo is the first of these variables, which also includes Bar, Bas and others.
Foo is the first variable. In fact, Foo is the primary meta-syntactical variable.
Foo is also the temple guard in Thai and Chinese culture.
At FooForce we bring the two meanings together We vary our work to suit your IT needs. This means we can be your:

  • IT-Force
  • Security-Force
  • Support-Force
  • Web-Force
  • Network-Force
  • Mail-Force

Whatever you need in IT, cybersecurity and data security training we can deliver.
Like the temple guards, we protect your business 24/4 and are always looking out for your interests.
With a “variable” name like that, we commissioned a logo that could properly represent FooForce.
We chose two stylised letter Fs standing back-to-back that look like trees. This encapsulates our determination help you grow your business and to grow along with you.
The Fs are back-to-back because – like the temple guards – we have your back and will also help you move forward.