Is it risky changing IT Partner?

No, we help businesses do this all the time in a seamless way with no downtime.

Here are some of the concerns you might have when thinking about changing IT Provider:

Will there be downtime?

Changing IT Partner will not take your business down at all.

At FooForce, we have a solid onboarding process and complete a thorough handover that will eliminate any downtime.

We do our homework, thoroughly understand the whole IT environment, don’t miss anything and make certain there is no downtime.

Will the current IT guy be upset and cause a blockage?

There will be no blockage.

We thoroughly plan handover so that we collect all information needed to maintain all systems. We find most IT Providers are professionals, but even if they weren’t we can safely manage the transition so your business is protected.

The current IT knows my business

if he goes, who will know all of the passwords and how everything works?

As part of the onboarding procedure, FooForce ensures that all relevant data, accounts and documentation is transferred and thoroughly understood. We know your business too, and have probably partnered with other businesses just like yours. Over 20 years of partnering with businesses just like yours, we can confidently say its not rocket science to us.

Will changing IT Partner take up too much of my time?

We will talk with you to understand your business, but we won’t waste your time 

Our main goal is to see that you have all the time you need to run YOUR business – that way, we grow together. You do well, we do well. That means being very conscious that you don’t have time for IT and wee need to make sure you don’t waste a minute on non-core stuff like IT.

How can I tell the IT will be any better?

We guarantee partnering with FooForce will help your business run more smoothly

We will start by identifying any roadblocks or risks in your IT. We don’t charge for that, its part of our on-boarding. We will provide full support from day one, and a clear roadmap for any improvements that will help your business.

Is changing IT Partner expensive?

No, we do the change over at no extra cost.

Its a standard part of our onboarding: FooForce will fully review the whole IT environment, setup to seamlessly support you and give you full peace of mind from day one. We don’t charge for this, we are counting one a long term relationship.

Confusing contracts

You won’t get stuck with a contract that doesn’t explain what you are getting.

At FooForce, we plainly describe each service, You buy what you want, and don’t have to pay for things you don’t want. If your situation changes, so does your contract. You are not locked in to a fixed amount each month. Say you shutdown an office, all the costs of supporting those staff come off the agreement the same month.

We also provide extensive monthly reporting so you know what we have done every month. A sample of our monthly report can be found here.

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